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Saturday, February 12

9:30am CST

10:30am CST

11:00am CST

11:15am CST

11:45am CST

12:15pm CST

12:45pm CST

1:45pm CST

3:00pm CST

*Adult Hearing Wellness Screenings-Expanding the Scope of Audiologic Care at Mayo Clinic Virtual *Auditory function and Health Related Quality of Life in Forestry Workers Virtual *Augmenting HCP compliance using real-time in-ear noise monitors Virtual *CDC NIHL Workgroup Update Virtual *Cigarette smoking as a risk factor for bothersome tinnitus Virtual *Comparisons of auditory risk metrics with suppressed and unsuppressed civilian firearms Virtual *Comprehensive characterization of M777 Howitzer noise exposure: clarifying the dose in the dose-response relationship. Virtual *Developing a fast and easy system for hearing- and earplug fit-testing Virtual *Evaluating earplug performance over a workshift with a fit-test system Virtual *Extended High Frequency Audiometry as a Predictor of Noise Induced Hearing Loss Virtual *Genetic risk factors for noise-induced hearing loss and tinnitus Virtual *Healthy Hearing, Healthy Aging in the Time of Covid Virtual *Hearing Conservation Efforts in a University School of Music Program Virtual *How does the historically racist policy of redlining impact transportation noise experienced today by neighborhoods in urban centers across Michigan? Virtual *Impact of occupational noise on work-related injuries across the US in 2019 Virtual *Jet-fuel exposures and Central Auditory Nervous System Difficulties Virtual *Resolved Tinnitus in A Touring Audio Engineer: A Case Study Virtual *Song of the Starbird: Educational Game to Promote STEM and Hearing Health Virtual *The Effects of Noise Source Locations on Listener’s Acceptable Noise Level (ANL) Virtual *The importance of perceived temporary threshold shifts in hearing conservation programs Virtual *Threshold shift trends in occupational hearing conservation programs: 1970 to 2019 Virtual *Using Boothless Audiometry in the Clinic (and out) to Enhance hearing Readiness Virtual *Using true wireless earphones to support accurate audiometric tests in non-clinical settings – preliminary validation Virtual *Validation of Electromechanical Hearing Protection Evaluation Methods Virtual Accuracy of audiometric indicators of hearing trouble Virtual Association of Noise from Various Sources with Risk of Hearing Trouble and Tinnitus: The 2014 National Health Interview Survey Virtual Field fit testing with E-A-Rfit Dual-Ear in China Virtual Implications of Sampling Theory on Acoustic Impulse-Noise Measurement and Damage Risk Criteria Virtual
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